Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Review: Bliss Boutique Hotel at JB

After 1 year plus, we finally went back to the same hotel to stay. It really brings back memories huh. =) The first trip that we took together overseas...

The same parking space, but this time, instead of using a wooden plank, the person helped to pushed the bike up to the pavement.

Also, they have included security guards at the gates, who help to tap us into the hotel lobby. It made us feel very safe. Haha, and very VIP-ish.

This time round, we booked the standard queen room, which is smaller than the deluxe, but it was good enough for me. I was a little uncomfortable with the lack of window though.

Pardon my pose.

Their service this time round wow-ed me, mostly because PL did alot of ordering. At first he requested for more tissues, then after that 2 pin-plug, and then more water etc. I was a little paiseh but oh wells. They even brought the water up to our room despite PL ordering 5 bottles of them @@

The breakfast selection is a little limited, still the same as the previous time we went a year back.

That was it.
Yes, it was the breakfast spread.

A little sad, I know, but I think they don't have the space nor the guests to have a really widespread buffet. So if you are like me who loves variety, it might be a good reason for you to skip breakfast and try other food around the area.

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