Monday, December 30, 2013

Good customer service from Sonic Gear

Last Saturday, we went down all the way to Kallang because PL wanted do an exchange with his faulty Sonic Gear Earphones. He is such a Sonic Gear fan, just because they are willing to exchange new earphones for him when it's spoilt. I must say they have very good service. Details below.

Anyway, here's the address for its Customer Service Centre:

1 Kallang Sector, #04-03, Singapore 349276

So, we headed for this Customer Service Centre which probably also housed their warehouse as it looks just like a warehouse. Don't be afraid and just go in and ask for the staff there. I thought we were intruding at first, as there is no proper reception.

One guy came out of the office and served us. Since PL's earphones are out of stock for the colour he wanted, the person asked if he wanted to upgrade his earphones, and get a new model. He showed us the Neo and Twirl, and even provided us with a pair to test it. PL's ipod was out of battery, so the staff got his ipod out for him to test. I was interested in one of the earphones that he got out, and the staff went out of his way to get all the different colours for me to choose from!

I was quite impressed by the service. Even though we had to sit there for a tad long, there were some magazines for me to browse through, and there isn't much people there even on a weekend.

For the earphones, the sound quality is quite good for the price that we paid, and we got the Sonic Gear Twirl. It was $21.90 at the warehouse.

Don't get their Airplug series. I heard that it is not very good. But as you know, you pay for the quality. The Earpump is good enough IMO.

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