Monday, December 30, 2013

7 things that no one told me about relationships

1) Hormones make people change.
It is one thing to say that one value virginity, but when the heat of that moment comes, everything just disappeared to the back of the mind.

2) Passing the trust test does not make trusting people any easier.
There is this trend going around in camps to do the trust test. Basically, it involves you falling towards the ground and getting your camp mates to catch you. Believe me, that is not the true test. The true trust test is when you are in a relationship, and your bg/gf ask you if they can go out alone with a member of the opposite sex. (It doesn't help if they are damn popular with the members of the opposite sex)

the ideal situation

In real life

3) Porn is not the same as sex
Porn are just overrated stuff. They all look damn perfect doing all those poses from karma sutra. Maybe they are closet gymnasts. And I bet they are super fit too, with all those thigh muscles working out everytime.

4) The want to spend more time together
Before I got into a relationship, I thought that couples who spend more time together are losing their friends. Now, I realised that it's because couples who spend most of their time together are exclusive best friends with benefits.

5) You will know each other flaws darn well
Let's just say that I never thought I would need to fart in front of my bf, and he would see my eczema, and still stay with me. That is my ultimate insecurity, because I had to live with it for so long.

And you never give way anymore~

6) Jealousy riles up when bf talks about his past relationships
I think the most buay tahan one is when he called his ex, "my girlfriend" in front of me. I let it slide the first time, and he did that a couple of them after that too. It really makes me wonder if the girl is still on his mind.

After fifty years, I might just do that =P

7) Fights are good, in moderation
Fights are a good way to know each other better, and be more aware of each other's differences. Use these opportunity to compromise, and make the relationship stronger. But fighting everyday is not exactly that good, especially when they are all about little stuff.

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