Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Review: Recruitment agencies in Singapore

Since I have been doing quite a bit of job hunting these days, I figured I should put up some reviews about the recruitment agencies that I have used in the past few years. As I have some Japanese background, I try to use the Japanese recruitment agencies as I feel that they are more professional.

So far with the Japanese companies that I use, they will definitely call you down for an internal interview where they try to recommend jobs for you after they have asked about (almost all your life). I would rate JAC recruitment as the best, followed by Pasona. I have not been to RGF HR agent yet but so far they have been quite nice.

I have met some of the nicer recruiters where they actually called to inform that I was not shortlisted. It was a very admirable thing to do as they are not obliged to do so. For that, I would give JAC recruitment a big thumbs up. The lead time of the job search for me was around 1 month (same for both times) It was just unfortunate that I didn't take up the job offer the second time. I felt quite bad for the recruiter as she even accompanied me to one of the interviews as she was just located nearby.

One of the agencies to definitely avoid is Recruiter's Express. I was horrified by the experience. Firstly, she made me wait for half hour for the recruiter, and then she chided me for fidgeting. Hello~ I am not a kid. Then, she talked a lot of crap and ended up trying to get me to lower down my expected salary to 1.8k even though I was a fresh university graduate from NUS. I think she was really trying to get as much commission out of it as she could.

The other one was Reeracoen Singapore Pte Ltd. I applied for a HR job but when I went there for the interview, they tried to persuade me to take up an interview for the Japanese speaking hedge fund job, and he even try to discourage me from applying for the HR jobs, claiming that I have no experience and I would be better off trying for the hedge fund job since I am the only candidate. That is quite unprofessional, I would say, since I had already politely declined to try out for the job.

The woes of a job searcher..

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