Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Pre-marital health screening and pap smear

I'm officially broke.

Just went to SBCC Women's clinic in Clementi to do pre marital Health Screening and Pap Smear.

The bomb to my pocket was $545.xx

The pap smear cost $40 while the health screening package is $475.

The cost of the health screening package is comparable to the rest of the hospitals or clinics but it's still a bit expensive imo. The doctor took less than 1/2 hr for the blood taking.

The experience:

It felt damn weird. I was supposed to strip off my underwear so that he could do the pap smear and the ultrasound. I just felt damn exposed lah! @@

The probing was very very uncomfortable. And to my amusement, he used KY jelly and condom for the probe. That was one funny moment. He must have thought that I got a bit high or something.

Apparently, I got to wait a few days before the results are out. And I still have to do the implant. And he said that it is best to do it during the first few days of the period.

>.< Pls come soon.

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