Monday, November 25, 2013

Horse riding in Johor (Amigos horse riding)

I have not went horse riding for close to two years, after working in People's Association.

Yesterday, PL just reminded me that I could take up horse riding again since I will be working office hours again. I'm actually quite reluctant to take it up again, despite the fun times that I had. I guess having more couple time is better than travelling all the way down to Pasir Gudang. But for those who are interested, it is actually very fun albeit tiring. (and a teeny wee expensive >.<)

You should email Mos before you go as he might have appointments already. His weekends are always very packed, but weekdays definitely quite free:) His email address is

Mos is a super nice guy, and he even drove us out for lunch/dinner when we went there for horse-riding.
I used to ride Shiba and Soheil alot (I think)
When I last went there, Chili was a newcomer and we won't allowed to ride him as he was not broken in yet. I was just reading a new blog entry from some one who went there recently and Chili is apparently tamer than Soheil.

I felt a bit guilty about not continuing lessons there, but somehow, the drive that I had was gone. 

But for those who are still continuing/wanting to ride, have fun!!! =D

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