Wednesday, November 20, 2013

First trip to Sea Aquarium at Sentosa

Our super duper long awaited trip. This was also the first time that we saw Jeremy's gf.

The trip was so awesome despite the fact that we had to go separate ways after that as PL and I had booked tickets to watch Adams Family. The last photo that we took with Jeremy before he was hospitalised.

We must really thank our lucky stars that Jeremy is still well and alive today. And he could finally walked downstairs to get his own food and snacks. Hopefully he would be well enough to help out in my ROM =D

Despite saying that we will go there another day to have a private date there, we have not done so. And I heard that it is always very very crowded on weekends.

And we got SABO-ed!

I swear, we were not making out. LOL. But this is hilarious!

And I wanted to eat this stingray!! Yummy!!

Another group photo. I think this was at the entrance.

And I was wowed by the fishes. =D

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