Saturday, October 5, 2013

Review: Nausicaa of the Valley of the wind

I love Studio Glibli's works, where themes are always of environmental issues; something which is close to my heart. I took quite long to find this show, after being introduced to Miyazaki's work in university.

This was the first of Miyazaki's series and it was perfect. The story was well developed, and the theme of environmentalism was brought about clearly to the audience. Granted, the animation was old, but it didn't deter me from enjoying the show. The anti-war elements in the film also appealed to me, and it was in line with his personal conviction that war should not happen.

I was touched by the interdependence of the creatures and humans in this war torn world, with Nausicaa trying her best to meditate between the two world. By showing care and concern to others, she was able to penetrate into the world of the ohmus, whose fury which could have destroyed her home.

The sound effect was awesome, together with the pacing of the story. I teared during the last part of the film, where the ohmus miraculously revived her. One should watch this film so as to understand the depth of emotions that this film could produce.

I totally recommend it to anyone who has an open mind for animes and movies! :D

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