Thursday, October 24, 2013

Birthday - A Quarter of a Century Old with Psychometric test for DXO position in the mix

It's a memorable birthday - The first birthday that I spent with my SO.

Last year, I booked a solo trip to Cambodia so the idea was moot. I didn't expect us to last long then.

He was super sweet, taking off to accompany me. I had a psychometric test at DTTB (on my birthday!) and he came to fetch me after that.

The test was pretty interesting. It took around 3 hours for me to finish the whole thing. And there were around 20 applicants taking it at the same time. They all applied for different positions.

The first was a verbal reasoning test, which tests on your comprehension of the passage.
The second one was a patterns test, which is something like the P3 GP test.
The third one was a personality test. Only the first two were timed.

We went off to Malaysia after that, to celebrate my birthday. Lunched at Manhatten Fish Market.
Then off to pump fuel and came back to SG.

Went over to Adeline's place to visit her. Then after that, went over to Orchard to look for MJ and Juanna. I have not seen them for a long time!

But of course, special thanks to PL who took the trouble to ride me all over Singapore and to Malaysia :)

Love you :D

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