Monday, August 26, 2013

Review: Crown Vista Hotel Batam

Since it was a groupon deal bought by PL and his friends, I just tagged along without much expectations. 4 of us added the massage as PL said that he didn't want it. Btw, the massage was good. I told the masseur in broken Malay that my shoulder aches and I feel like an old person, she did a customised massage for me(I told her I only want to massage my shoulder, and she did it together with the neck and head! And she even corrected the neck posture by cracking it. To think that I had to pay 150rm in Malaysia to do that...I feel cheated) The massage was done in Hotel 89, and my masseur is called Farah. A petite lady.

Anyway, back to the main topic.

The hotel is situated on a hill, and it takes 15 mins to get to BSC or Nagoya Hills. There is a shuttle service from the hotel and advanced booking is required. The rooms are really spacious! Imagine a two double beds spaces with some extras. The 3 guys room was a tad small because they added in an additional bed. And they gave us connecting doors!

Service-wise, they were really good despite us getting a deal. We ordered a bucket of ice which they provided to us FOC, and they called us in the room when the shuttle bus arrived. One let-down was the spa service. We booked it the night before but when we went down there, there wasn't space for us. I guessed the 2 other guy friends took our spot when they did their massage. Heard from them that it was good.

For the breakfast, don't expect too much. The food selection was okay, but the quality was disappointing. Maybe we went there too late as there wasn't any refills for the food. Luckily I wasn't hungry at all.

I shall go there again to try the spa at least.

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