Monday, July 15, 2013

First ever BGM that I have attended - Bukit Batok CC YEC BGM 2013

Bukit Batok CC YEC held a movie screening cum ice-skating BGM yesterday.

It was my first time attending a BGM and it took only 30mins to finish the BGM.

To my surprise, I actually saw Tash at the BGM! I have not seen him for a super long time.

Then, we went over to ice-skate. My second time ice-skating, and the first time was such a long time ago (probably when I was in Secondary School?) PL told me that it was his first time skating but yet it seems like he is better on the ice than me >.<
I guess I am more afraid of falling than him. HAHA.
We managed to take a few shots together in the rink tho :)

Then after that, it was a short dinner and then off we go to watch Pacific Rim. Saw Wendy, Jiahao, Wei Ping, Jerain and the rest. The Imax movie for pacific rim is not as good, because the action scenes are a bit tough to watch. We got a bit of eye-ache :(

Went out with them to chat at the coffeeshop after the movie, and ohh! PL actually took the train with me! =D

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