Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Review: Abe's Diner at Tiong Bahru

It took us a few turns to find Abe's Diner, because, we saw the sign wrongly and thought that it was aloe's instead. HAHA.

For those who can't really find it, it is near Hotel 81 Osaka, (in one of the shops opp it - just walk around and you will see it.) I think Hotel 81 is like the most obvious mark around there.

When we walk in, I could only hear Japanese around me. I think the shop survived on mostly Japanese customers, especially when both the waiter and waitress did not know much English.

The menu was limited, as I had figured, and the shop was really quaint. We ordered an omakase set and carbonara with Japanese hot tea to go. The sashimi was one of the freshest that I had tasted, and left me hankering for more. The appetisers were small, but there were three types, and they all tasted good despite me not knowing what was inside.

We took a very very long time to eat there, because the dishes were served one by one instead of coming out all at once. In a sense, I felt like we were celebrating an important day :D (maybe cuz it is one of the rare times that PL doesn't have to OT, and I am not working afternoon shift?) Anyway, the feeling was damn shiok. We managed to small talk about different stuff, which doesn't really happen that often either.

Looking around, almost all the customers ordered some kind of alcohol, and there was this cosy feeling that is lacking in the eateries nowadays. But, the price of the food is a tad on the high side though, (because we are very poor people >.<) but I would recommend it to people who are dating to come here. The Omakase set is $38 (which, btw is considered cheap because it's like the premium set) and the Carbonara is $14 (the fusion between European and Japanese food) and the tea was $5 for 2 people. I was fascinated by the cute little teapot, and they will keep refilling it for you:)

Some other day, we will visit you again, my dear Abe's Diner.

Damage on PL's pocket: c.a $70
(he refuses to tell me the exact amount)

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