Monday, January 7, 2013

Struggling to make sense of everything

First trip of the year with PL alone to Malacca. Am super surprised that my parents did not say anything about us going alone when his mum reminded him that girls can get pregnant. Haha.

It is an interesting trip, I must say. We stayed at Aldy hotel which is basically close to all the places of attractions.

We managed to eat satay celup for dinner! And it was at Capitol Satay Celup restaurant, where the queue stretched on and on with no signs of relief. It was one of the (quite common) moments where I saw PL getting pek cek and sian.

Supper was stingay and clams, which is very cheap! RM 30 for 2 big packets.

We both decided that coming for a 2D1N trip is not enough and we should have extended it. And next time round, he would invite his mum along too. Esp since we were in bed most of the time. Lol.

I guess that from the bliss hotel experience to this time round, we have gotten a lot more comfortable with each other, and we also know what to expect from each other. To be frank, there were times where he probably was a bit peeved at me, or me at him, but it is probably something that we have to work out together.

A longer trip would be nice, but it also mean more temptation.

Along the way back home, PL asked me this question, "What you you do if I had gone all the way with you?" And for a change, my answer was "I honestly do not know."
But one thing for sure. It will be a love-hate thing.

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