Saturday, February 12, 2011

WTF?!! NUSSU has at least 3.1million in reserves?!!

Okay, I know this has nothing to do with my personal life but I am really curious about how they managed to store such a huge sum of money and leaving them untouched. I know the concept of rainy day but isn't the amt abit too large?!!

I admit that I usually don't bother about this kind of stuff, but this is really news to me, despite kor kor telling us that they actually have money in reserves which they don't really use. I understand the need to put the money so as to earn more revenue, but I cannot comprehend that why do we have so much in our school's reserves? If that's any indication, we have been paying for more than what we need to for the past dunno how many years, since so much of the money is not being used for our welfare. Instead, they are being stored in the bank/tied up in investments and used to "grow more money" Not to mention the amt of money NUSSU has been spending on their posters ar. I heard ridiculous stories abt it too, and I think that their way of spending money is not justifiable at all. Now I understand the reason why kor kor is always so strict when it comes to finance stuff. Because once people probe into the spendings, you have to account for all your expenditure. hmmm. This is interesting. I wonder how it will turn out.

 I feel that NUSSU should at least spend a part of this money in helping the students who are needy rather than trying to invest so much of the money. I mean, this money actually came from the earlier batches of students and even though there is so much of a ruckus now, I doubt that any one will be able to claim it back. So why not just help those who are in need of financial aid? It need not be much, but for those who are really struggling with their finances, it would be a boon to them. And it's for a good cause for NUSSU anyway. I think they need the karma.

Seriously, IMO, NUSSU sucks. And I pity this batch of NUSSU committee, who has to take up all these shit that their previous batches left behind.

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