Monday, August 9, 2010

My modules for sem 1 AY2010/11

HY2253 - Christianity in World History
HY3241 - Religion in the history of China and Japan
LAM2201 - Malay 2
LSM1301 - General Biology
NUR1113/GEM1901/SSM1206 - Active ageing in Singapore

I'm quite happy to get HY2253 since it's Prof Lockhart teaching again. And apparently, there's a few pple whom I know taking this mod too, even though I don't know some of them very well.
HY3241 is kinda scary about thinking about it, since I totally have no clue about China and Japan (yes, even though I have studied the language, I have not touched much on its history). And with Mark in it, I think it's a clue that it's not going to be easy... (I always score badly for the mods that I take with him. No idea why also)

LAM is cool! From the class roster, it seems that there's only 12 pple taking it. Anyway, malay is something that I have always wanted to learn, so it won't be so bad, I guess.
LSM1301 is going to kill me for sure. I have no experience with it at all, and from the notes that I got, I think I'm seriously going to die. 

NUR1113 seems pretty cool, just that I have no idea what's the workload like from the lecture notes. Seems like some sociology module.
Anyway, the biology texts are expensive! Biology for example. OMG. I think borrowing from Jeremy is a better idea. (I mean for supplement readings)

I wish school won't start =(

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  1. Hello!
    Did you enjoy NUR1113/GEM1901/SSM1206 - Active ageing in Singapore? How was it? (: