Friday, May 28, 2010

First day in Taipei

We touched down at 6plus (on time) via Jetstar airline. To be frank, I was quite surprised, since I have heard a lot about flight delays from Jetstar passengers.

Before landing, we had to fill a form stating our purpose of visit and some essential information. (not a surprise there, since I have filled up the same form last year.)

About Jetstar, I think that in some areas, it is actually better but the legroom and size of the seat is not one of them. And the non-provision of water. Don't they know that people will get thirsty? (Haha. Maybe they will charge for the water too) But I like the idea of no inflight entertainment, since it allows me to sleep fitfully on the plane, (and I always fall aslp once the plane takes flight.) The flight itself was smooth, just that the engine made so much noise that I thought I would turn deaf.

Took the Guo Guang bus to Taipei Bus station (125NT) at around 8pm and we tried to search for the youth travel card information. Apparently we were too late as the office only adheres to office hours (duh) More importantly, we got lost while trying to search for the office (due to my lack of chinese-speaking skills) Hello! who knows the chinese term for youth travel information.

So, since we were tired because I have been lugging the heavy backpack for the whole day, I was eager to reach Taiwanmex hostel to put down my stuff (reserved the room via email).

We bought the easycard 500NT (100NT for deposit and 400NT for travelling) and set off for Zhong San station. We were supposed to get out at exit 1 but we were too busy talking and ended up getting out at exit R1 and had to walk all the way out again.

Zhong San's underground shops are quite quiet compared to Taipei Bus station.

We went to Taiwanmex and were baffled when there was no one in the living room. So we called the mobile number that was given to us and waited for the lady to pick us up. (She's called Margo btw.)

Ate Oyster Mee Sua at a shop near the station and saw a yakiniku shop there. Seems quite good since people were queuing up for it.

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