Saturday, October 23, 2004

The 100 things that I want to do before I die

1. Travel to Japan 
2. Get a black belt in TKD (partially done)
3. Wear ankle socks to school - i cant believe i actually wrote this as one of my dying wish.
4. Learn Japanese
5. Get into university
6. Go to OBS
7. Watch 1000 movies -how in the hell would i know how many movies I have watched?
8. Complete a 5000 piece puzzle
9. Get a small sapphire
10. Climb Bukit Timah Hill
11. Complete a 10km run
12. Travel to Egypt.
13. Get 3 consecutive ear piercings
14. Take up horse-riding
15. Kiss someone
16. Have my own room
17. Have a collection of 10000 books
18. Own a Guzheng
19. Have a big Teddy Bear
20. Take a ride on a motorbike
21. Drive a lorry
22. Go on an archaeological dig
23. Chat on the phone till the next morning
24. Learn Malay
25. Learn to swim free-style
26. Hike up the Great Wall of China
27. Go whitewater rafting
28. Ride in a hot air balloon
29. Travel first class in a plane
30. Ride the Trans-Siberian Railway
31. Go on the Ferris Wheel with my bf
32. Become a vegetarian
33. Ride a camel
34. Finish a bottle of Vodka without getting drunk
35. Meet Jay Chou
36. Own an island
37. Own a castle
38. Build a library in my house
39. Stay in a caravan
40. Go to a circus
41. Highlight my hair
42. Hike in a forest
43. Crawl through a cave
44. Go to the Chu Chi tunnels in HMC
45. Swim with the fishes
46. Learn Latin
47. Go skinny-dipping
48. Learn sign language
49. Visit a jail
50. Have sex
51. Learn to whistle
52. Visit Mecca
53. Sleep in a hammock
54. Sleep standing
55. Press the emergency button in the train
56. Drive the MRT train
57. Work in a farm
58. Get colorful bangles
59. Get into a fight and not get caught
60. Maintain my weight at 45kg - apparently not
61. Bake a cake
62. Act crazy at the back of the lorry
63. Get my personal computer
64. Eat a tub of icecream by myself - attempted but not done
65. Sing a song in orchard Road
66. Sneak in to the pool room in Warren Golf club without getting caught by DM
67. Own a guitar
68. Roll in the mud with the pigs
69. Learn Calligraphy
70. Make out in the playground
71. Sing a song in orchard road
72. Watch a midnight show
73. Go to Fort Canning Park to pick red saga seeds
74. Dance naked in the moonlight
75. Milk a cow
76. Fly a fighter jet
77. Sing the Japanese anthem
78. Dig a trench
79. Wear a wedding dress
80. Collect stamps from 50 countries
81. Go for a buddhist tour
82. Sleep on an overnight train
83. Swim in the dead sea
84. Play on the computer non-stop for 24hrs
85. Get a date with a vampire VCD.
86. Stop eating chocolates
87. Do flying fox
88. Do sky diving
89. Maintain gold for NAPFA test - wth.There's no more NAPFA test anymore.
90. Do live-firing
91. See LKY in real life
92. Volunteer to do stuff for old people
93. Inhale helium
94. Pop balloons in a room full of balloons
95. Learn ice-skating
96. Burn all my test papers away - erm, threw them away instead
97. Learn how to fix the lights
98. Build a wooden house
99. Experience snow
100. Invent teleportation

EDITED in 2012

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